Monday, December 8, 2008

AfD kicks off Medicare for All campaign

On December 4 the Alliance's National Council voted unanimously to begin a major campaign for Medicare for All (single payer health care), based nationally and by state. We are notifying all chapters, members, and supporters, to ask you to contact our Working Group on Health Care and let us know your level of involvement or interest in helping build this campaign.

Members John Noronha of Rochester and Rick LaMonica of St. Louis both attended Health Care-NOW's meeting in Chicago last week, and hope to be working closely closely with Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP,which has great materials for any of us to use for local education and outreach--power point projections, etc.)

Please take a look at the Winter '08 issue of Justice Rising, "Health for Humans--Not Corporate Profits" and use any parts of it. For speakers, contact PNHP. For any questions or suggestions, notify our Working Group through Peter Mott, AfD Secretary, at or 585-381-5606. (see his recent op-ed on single-payer in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and use any part of it for your own media).

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