Sunday, December 7, 2008

Petition on depleted uranium munitions from Veterans for Peace

Veterans for Peace chapter 116, in Boonville, California, is asking people to sign on to a call to Congress for a moratorium and ultimate ban on the use of depleted uranium munitions. If you'd like a copy of the petition, please email the office at, or call 781-894-1179.

John Pitts, chapter president, and John Lewallen, chapter vice president, write:

Depleted uranium munitions (DU) is an illegal weapon and its use by the US Military and other countries must be stopped. We are gathering signatures on a petition to Congress to call for a moratorium leading to a ban on the use of depleted uranium munitions. The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for a ban, the United Nations has declared depleted uranium an illegal weapon and we are now asking our Congress to call for a moratorium leading to a ban.

We are asking all veterans groups and all organizations and individuals that cherish life and want to protect our planet to join in collecting signatures on the enclosed petitions. ... We will amass and forward petitions to the proper congressional committee demanding they begin hearings... thank you for your help in obtaining signatures. We also encourage you to mail a copy of this letter with blank petitions to other organizations, your friends and family.

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Rhotel1 said...

DU is not an illegal weapon and you veterans are carrying on a propaganda campaign began by Saddam Hussein in about 1992. Is that the way veterans are these days, carrying the water for America's enemies. It is fairly clear that you don't know anything about DU other than that which has been fed to you by the extreme left. Go to or to Message 88 at the Yahoo Group DUStory, which was created to expose the liars in the anti-depleted uranium crusade, at