Monday, December 8, 2008

New England Roundtable video online

Video of the first part of the 2005 New England Roundtable on popular governance is online at, here. The roundtable brought representatives from several communities to Burlington, Vermont, for a discussion on how the New England region can increase self-reliance and cooperation between communities in an age of increasing globalization. The roundtable was organied by Boston Cambridge Alliance chapter coordinator Dave Lewit, and presentations were taped by Victor Franke and edited by Boston Cambridge Alliance member Joanna Herlihy, and North Bridge member (and council ombudsperson) Cynthia Ritsher. Thanks to Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) for helping with use of editing facilities.

(As a CCTV volunteer, Joanna also taped this segment on a Cambridge "weatherization barn raising" organized by HEET (Home Energy Efficient Team) a Cambridge-based co-op.)

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