Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stop SPP - Web Resources for News and Background

The Alliance for Democracy is working in coalition with the Alliance for Responsible Trade along with Canadian and Mexican groups that oppose the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). The SPP features more than 300 initiatives designed to “harmonize” US, Mexican, and Canadian policies on food, drugs, security, immigration, refugees, manufacturing, the environment and public health. But will this harmonization benefit transnational corporations or local economies and resource protection? If you're new to SPP and the threat it poses to sustainability and democracy, here are some resources and links.

  • A short Powerpoint presentation by Ruth Caplan on the SPP shown at the convention's Saturday evening panel will shortly be posted to our website along with AfD’s new SPP flyers and a U.S. map of the six north-south Canada to Mexico Super-Corridor routes (these Super-Corridors are not a “myth” as some would have you think).
  • Click here for a longer, 55-slide presentation, entitled “Threats to Our Water: NAFTA, SPP, Atlantica, Super Corridors.”
  • Other SPP material is available at our website.
  • The Council of Canadian’s/Conseil des Canadiens “Integrate This!” website now has a new feature: SPP WATCH. The site is updated regularly, so bookmark it and check back regularly.
  • For a good analysis of the SPP and comparison with the European Union, see “Divergent U.S. Critiques of the Security and Prosperity Partnership,” by Manuel PĂ©rez Rocha, September 2007, at
  • Finally, there's been some planning at the chapter level for a possible SPP teach-in this Spring in Portland--keep watching for updates.

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