Monday, November 26, 2007

10 Days that Shook Olympia

David Delk, Co-Chair of the Alliance's Portland OR Chapter, sends the following comment and link to Peter Bohmer's November 15 article on Z-net:

David says, "The action has been in Olympia Wa. this month with peace activists blocking the movement of military shipments coming into the Port of Olympia with weapons which had been in Iraq due for repairs at Ft. Lewis. This has been a sustained effort against the war in Iraq. Please forward the following far and wide so this new level of resistance to this war becomes known. Certainly in watching the corporate media I have seen no reporting on this whatsoever. "

Peter Bohmer writes:

For 10 days, anti-war activists in Olympia, Washington have slowed down and for two different periods of 12 hours or more, stopped the flow of military weapons and military cargo that were unloaded from a Navy ship that had returned from Iraq. For 24 hours a day, we have used a variety of tactics and actions. They have included sitting in front of trucks carrying Stryker vehicles and other military equipment from leaving the Port of Olympia, building barricades on the roads where these military vehicles were traveling, anti-war demonstrations through the streets of Olympia and vigils, downtown. A hearing was held at City Hall, last Sunday, November 11th, 2007 to document the excessive police force used against people who participated in these actions. We testified at the Olympia City Council and at a hearing of the elected Port Commissioners demanding that they take a stand opposing the U.S. war against Iraq by not letting our Port be used to transport war supplies. About 500 people have taken part in some or all of these protests.

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