Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Convention Wrap-Up

Our 7th National Convention – “Shifting Power from Corporate Rights to the Rights of People and Nature”was a great success. The pre-convention Democracy School was well attended by fourteen AfD members from diverse chapters and communities. Five people from Tucson also attended to form a new “democracy” core there, including AfD council member C.J. Jones. We look forward to “local democracy” initiatives to be spearheaded by those who attended. AfD’s Community Democracy Action Tool Kit will be soon be ready for posting on our website as well.

Look for convention materials on the AfD website!
We'll be posting materials produced for the Friday “Skills” and Saturday “Reframing” workshops, as well as videos of the Friday evening address by Thomas Linzey, “How Rural America is Taking on Settled Law and Asserting Local Authority over Corporations” and the Saturday evening panel discussion, “How Corporations Use Trade Immigration, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) to Destroy Communities in the U.S. and Mexico.” You can also read the resolutions on war, climate change, and convention scheduling passed by attendees.

In addition, the reports and photos by those who went on the BorderLinks trip to Nogales, Mexico will be posted. This was an amazing eye-opening exposure to the tragic consequences of free trade, militarization of the border, and current immigration policies. (Note: The spring issue of Justice Rising will focus on migration.)

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