Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ohio activists ask for AG investigation into 2004 election fraud

Former AfD co-chair and voting rights attorney Cliff Arnebeck reports that counsel in the King Lincoln v. Blackwell lawsuit have referred massive evidence of fraud in the 2004 Ohio Presidential election to the state's Attorney General, Marc Dann.

Ohio public radio correspondent Bill Cohen filed a story on the request for an official investigation, which was broadcast across the state on November 20. The piece features comments from Cliff and activist/investigator Richard Hayes Phillips, as well as a GOP spokesperson, who dismissed alleged ballot purging, vote shifting, machine tampering and voter intimidation as "minor problems" that were no worse in 2004 than in other years.

You can listen to the story here. The request for an investigation was also covered in the Toledo Blade and, somewhat snidely, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. However, as Phillips points out in Cohen's radio story, an official investigation isn't just a matter of setting the historical record straight, it's also important for the security of future elections: "If you want to make your house burglar-proof, you need to find out how the thief got in."

You can also read the Blade and Plain Dealer stories on the AfD headlines blog, at afd-headlines.blogspot.com.

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