Saturday, December 8, 2012

New "Populist Dialogues" on wage theft and winning paid sick days

If you're not one of the 41% of Americans who don't get paid time off when sick, then you probably know someone who falls into that category--maybe they just passed you your change in the coffee shop. Throat feeling a little sore? Wondering about whether or not you should go to church tomorrow? Now you know why this is a social, family and public health issue!

It's also the topic of the latest edition of "Populist Dialogues." Host David Delk talks to Lisa Frack with Family Forward Oregon about their campaign to get paid sick day benefits for all workers. Following that, he talks with Marco Mejia of Portland Jobs with Justice about their campaign to end wage theft, and to protect workers from employers who don't pay minimum wage, overtime, tips, or for every hour worked.

You can see the show below or subscribe on YouTube here. And if this is an issue in your community, share it on community access tv. Email us at Alliance for Democracy for more info (afd {at} thealliancefordemocracy {dot} org.}

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