Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cambridge, MA public access airs "Populist Dialogues"--you can too!

A local Alliance member has requested that the Cambridge MA public access station start airing "Populist Dialogues"--look for them on CCTV's Channel 8.

Not in Cambridge? It's not hard to get viewer-requested content on your local station. Most station managers welcome video submissions. "Populist Dialogues" is available for free download from PEGMedia, which makes it especially easy and accessible. Here's how you can select, download, and air shows.

First, go to the Populist Dialogues website, or check out the show's YouTube channel, and see what programs are available. New shows are posted weekly. Contact your local public access TV station and find out, by speaking with the programming manager how they schedule shows. Most stations have open time spots which they need to fill. Learn from them if they are interested in just one or another episode, or topic, or maybe running Populist Dialogue Program with one show each week. How this works will be different for each station.

 You can direct them to online shows so they can take a look.

To download shows from PEGMedia:
1. Go to the PegMedia web site at

2. Establish a free account by clicking on: Create New Account

3. After establishing the new account, log in. 

4. Now click on: Shows From Selected States

5. Select "Oregon" 

6. Click on: Alliance for Democracy – Populist Dialogues

7. Now read the brief description of the series and scroll down to view list of currently available shows.

 The station or program manager will find instructions on how to download the shows on the right hand link: Downloading Show Episodes.

 Note that there is no cost to the downloader, thanks to the Portland AfD chapter covering the fee. So don't wait--share the shows and be the media in 2013!

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