Wednesday, March 28, 2012

AfD organizer to speak on participatory budgeting, development, racial inequality, and public banks

Ruth Caplan, AfD vice co-chair and head of our Defending Water for Life campaign, will be part of a panel discussion on participatory budgeting, racial inequality and local development this month in New York, as part of an international conference on participatory budgeting in the US and Canada.

She'll be joining panelists Mike Menser of the Participatory Budgeting Project and Brooklyn College, Jessica Gordon Nembhard of John Jay College, and Kenneth Edusei of Brooklyn College.

The panelists will focus on coop history in the urban black US, and potential for participatory budgeting in Flatbush, and connections with public banking in the US as a route to more sustainable communities. We hope there's video--we'll try to get it and post it after the event. For more info on the conference, check out the website, here.

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