Monday, January 23, 2012

Timeline of Corporate Personhood

Here are three different sizes of a "Timeline of Personhood Rights and Powers," as well as an article by Molly Morgan and Jan Edwards titled "Abolish Corporate Personhood" which helps explain the thinking behind the timeline and the movement to end corporate access to the rights of human persons as guaranteed by the Constitution.

The first two versions print out on wide-format machines; these are usually found in copy or print shops that specialize in making blueprint copies for architects, but other copy shops sometimes have them as well.

Click on this link to download a version designed to be printed at a commercial large-format copy shop on 24-inch paper. The final timeline should be approximately 11 feet long (24 x 130 inches).

Click on this link to download a version that will print on 36-inch paper and be approximately 17 feet long (36 x 200 inches).

Click on this link to download a version that can be printed on a home printer on eight letter-size sheets of paper set on "landscape." Tape the individual pages together to make a small timeline 8 1/2 x 88 inches long, or about 7 1/2 feet.

This timeline was compiled by Jan Edwards with much help from Doug Hammerstrom, Bill Meyers, Molly Morgan, Mary Zepernick, Virginia Rasmussen, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Thomas Linzey, Jane Anne Morris, and the late Richard Grossman. Thanks to Carl Mayer for his article "Personalizing the Impersonal". Early supporters of this work include Alliance for Democracy, POCLAD, and WILPF.

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