Monday, January 23, 2012

Occupy the Courts: Portland OR

Friday's Occupy the Courts actions hit more than 130 cities, with demonstrations taking place from the steps of the Supreme Court to town greens.

In Portland OR, some 250 people gathered at Pioneer Courthouse Square in the pouring rain and cold to support these two demands in order to restore a democratic nation controlled by We the People, instead of We the Corporations. Alliance for Democracy's Portland, OR, chapter, which was one of the first AfD chapters to start work on building a Move to Amend group in their city, was a major organizer of the event.

AfD co-chair and chapter president David Delk was quoted in this article in the NW Labor Press, and the following people spoke:

Erin Madden, an environmental lawyer in Portland active with Occupy Portland, had this to say:

Raging Grannies kick offs remarks by Adam Klugman, host of "Mad as Hell America" on KPOJ AM 62. For Adam, Citizens United is "a slap in the face of what it means to be human... the miracle of human existence has been reduced in stature to the level of corporations."

Barbara Dudley, the co-founder of the Oregon Working Families Party as well as former head of GreenPeace USA and National Lawyer Guild, also spoke, giving a brief historical background to the decision and corporate hegemony over democracy.

Richard Harisay works with the Democractic Work, lives in Oregon's state capital, Salem, and co-founded Move to Amend Marion/Polk. "We are the people!"

Dr. Atomic's Medicine Show provides the intro to Nate Guley of Common Cause Oregon:

The Oregonian online covered the demonstration here and here , and the Portland Mercury had this to say.

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