Friday, February 25, 2011

Tom Neilson nominated for Independent Musicians Award's social action song of the year

Tom Neilson is an often-satiric, always impassioned singer and songwriter, has just been nominated for Song of the Year for Social Action by Independent Musicians Awards. Tom is a long-time supporter of the Alliance and other progressive and radical groups, and he has a sharp eye for the connection between big money and bad policies. His song is "Solstice Morning," an account of the coal ash spill from mountaintop removal in Harriman, TN.

There are five nominees in the Social Action category and you can hear them all here. You can also cast a vote to determine the winner by registering on the site--just click the "login or register" link next to any of the nominated songs. It takes less than a minute. After registering, click on the "Sing Out for Social Action" link on the lefthand menu (of course, you might like to check out the nominees in other categories as well.)

This is the second year in a row that Tom has been nominated. Last year’s song was about the cancers at the nuclear weapons plant in Paducah, Kentucky. Find out more about Tom's music, recordings, tour dates, and how to book a show on his website here.

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