Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saturday, February 26: Noon Rally at Every State Capitol

AfD members can find a rally near them (every state Capitol & many major cities, too) at

Don't let the American dream die. Support the movement back to what Van Jones calls “the moral center,” where workers are treated with dignity and policies protect the middle class and the pathways to it. Join the call for the American people to gather at every state capital across the land in support of our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin--and now Ohio and Indiana--who are marching not just for their own rights but for the rights of us all.

The Alliance for Democracy joins with MoveOn, unions and other groups in a Call for Citizens to Stand United. We proclaim:

  • Stop Union Busting: No Cuts to Jobs or Benefits; Yes to Collective Bargaining
  • Workers Rights, Not Corporate Rights
  • Tax the Rich and Corporate Profits - Pay All Workers a Living Wage
  • No Cuts in the Social Safety Net (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid)
  • Stop Foreclosures Now

Rally NOW to support protesters in Madison and across the nation. Teachers, students, firefighters, police, laborers… they’re all standing up to big money in politics and this latest attack on the middle class, the working poor, and the unemployed. If we want a democracy, and not a corporatocracy, we must stand up with them. We can't wait for for someone else to fight for us--we must do it ourselves.

The right-wing libertarian Koch brothers and the US Chamber of Commerce financed the election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and other GOP governors in Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, and Florida, many of whom are launching the same attacks on labor.

The US Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v FEC opened the floodgates to unregulated, unaccounted-for special-interest funding of elections, enabling the election of bought-and-paid for politicians who answer to their funders regardless of the needs of their constituents.

Join the rallies on February 26, and then be ready to join in more locally organized rallies like the one being organized in Portland, Oregon on April 19. Portland Jobs with Justice, the Alliance for Democracy, and various labor and citizens groups are planning a rally/march in downtown Portland to ask the simple question: “Where Are the Jobs?” and to demand “Jobs with Benefits, Not Cuts!”

So stand with us now. See you at your state capital.

Nancy Price and David e. Delk, Co-chairs

Download and print these signs--they copy on 11 x 17 paper:
"Stop Union Busting"
"Tax Corporate Profits/Pay a Living Wage"
"We Won't Pay for Crony Corporate Giveaways"
"Worker's Rights, Not Corporate Profits"
"We're Not a 3rd World Country... Yet!"

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