Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Organizing to overrule the court heads south after a great response in the northwest

Next wee Riki Ott will be speaking in Monterey and Santa Cruz CA following a great series of talks in the northwest, several with David Cobb, former Green Party presidential candidate. Some of the talks in Ashland OR, Portland OR, and Seattle were co-sponsored by Alliance for Democracy national and/or chapters.

David Delk, Portland chapter president and AfD co-chair, reported a high-energy presentation to a considerable turnout. The talk has been videotaped--we'll post the video when it's available. David Cobb also appeared on Thom Hartmann talking about the tour and the Campaign to Legalize Democracy/

Seattle's events included presentations at the Labor Temple and University of Washington, as well as visibilities and a model of the US Constitution that passersby could add their name to, thanks to the Backbone Campaign (see their site for ideas for visibility actions for this and other issues).

Here's video of the UW talk:

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