Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BCA Dispatch out--next issue in two months

The Boston/Cambridge Alliance "Dispatch" is out, and you can request a copy from editor Dave Lewit at Among the highlights: Using the Mondragon coop model to develop employee-owned businesses in Cleveland, "personal corporatehood," the repeal of Instant Runoff Voting in Burlington, VT, and building durable prosperity and democracy... in Europe.

Locally, Dave reports on groundwork for Boston participation in June's US Social Forum, following a meeting of mostly young people of color who are organizing around racism, militarism, climate, economy and education. People in the area who want to connect with the groups involved or learn more about attending with others from the area can visit Mass Global Action.

Finally, the Dispatch will now be published bi-monthly--with double the material, though, so having an extra month to read it will be a good thing! The revised schedule comes about because, as Dave writes, he "will soon be editor of a Common Good website--that's the tentative name of an institute or movement to bring together splintered, specialized movements of the left--health care, labor, women, immigration, globalization, localization, peak oil, climate change, and so on--springing from a shared philosophy. Theologian John Cobb, who reads the Dispatch, sensed in it the kind of thinking that underlies Process Theology--systemic thinking that is concerned with suffering (hell) and beauty (heaven), diversity and change, striving and realizing, community and reintegration. He and theologian-pastor Ignacio Castuera, both of the Claremont CA university community, asked Dave to join them to start the movement, with folks who are potential writers or steering committee members, or can help with technical services. " Interested? Email Dave at

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