Friday, February 16, 2007

"Security and Prosperity Partnership"--upcoming forum and web resources

Boston/Cambridge Alliance members are planning a forum on the new Security and Prosperity Partnership for North America (SPP) for May.

The new SPP was signed by Bush without democratic debate and vote in Congress. This Supra-NAFTA military and corporate neo-liberal plan is exposed on AfD's homepage ( under "Featured Today." The SPP would create cross-border regions such as Atlantica that unites NE Canada and New England by super-transportation corridors for cars and trucks, and would also include water pipelines.

Read Dave Lewit's article, "Atlantica! SuperCorridor! Without Congress, a Borderless Corporate World" and "The Security and Prosperity Partnership. How Bush, the Military and Corporate America Plan to Tighten Their Control Over Our Lives," by Nancy Price here.

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