Saturday, September 28, 2013

Defending Water demands Anacortes City Council vote to terminate Tethys Water contract

Sandra Spargo, who has organized a strong campaign in Anacortes, WA, against what would be the largest water bottling plant in the country, has written this letter to the Anacortes City Council asking to formally terminate the agreement. Termination would prevent Tethys, which has backed out of the project, from transferring their end of the agreement to another bottling corporation.

In her letter, Sandra notes that the city's deal with Tethys was made without citizen input, with voters getting just one day's notice on the council vote, and without opportunity for public hearings. The backroom nature of the agreement has led to a need for a fresh start, she asserts.

"Now is the time to rekindle citizen trust, guaranteeing no loophole that will carry mistrust and fear and continue to paralyze our town," she writes. This is an election year, and hopefully a refocus on "the people's business" will lead the council to shut the door on the possibility of massive water takings from the Skagit River.

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