Tuesday, June 18, 2013

News and photos from Portland OR AfD

Portland AfD brings an anti-corporate rule
 message to Portland's Gay Pride Parade
First, the good news: The Oregon House Rules Committee took a major step to end corporate domination by voting HJM6-3 out of their committee. HJM6-3 is the revised Joint Memorial calling on Oregon's congressional delegation to support a constitutional amendment to end the court-created doctrines that money is speech and that corporations are people.  The committee voted unanimously to send the resolution to a vote of the full House. Here's the text.

 Portland AfD is now calling on supporters to advocate for its passage by calling or emailing state reps to express support for HJM6-3 and inform legislators of their expectation that the House will approve it and move it on to the Senate. Calls to state senators are needed too. If you're an Oregonian who needs info on how to contact your state legislators, click here.

If Oregon passes HJM6-3, the state will join 15 others which have called on Congress to amend the constitution. And Oregon will join an elite group of states (Vermont and Illinois) in making clear that we need to do more than just overturn Citizens United or enact an amendment to allow limitations on campaign contributions--we need to eliminate the twin court-created doctrines that money is speech and that corporations are people with constitutional rights.

Now, the other good news: Alliance for Democracy and its Portland Move to Amend project joined the Portland Gay Pride parade on Sunday in downtown Portland.  Afd was one of a small number of marchers to bring a specific political agenda to the parade, and it was well received, thanks to chapter US Supreme "Corporate" Court justices and sign holders.  Check out the Portland website for pictures here.  Read the latest Portland AfD chapter e-newsletter here.

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