Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Political Bribery fliers for Citizens United events

We have two handouts for you to share at Citizens United anniversary events, or any upcoming action. Our "Political Bribery is Illegal" flier looks at the US Criminal Code on bribery of public officials and asks whether there's any real difference is between a suitcase full of cash or an envelope containing a large campaign contribution.

“Bribery of public officials” happens every day as big corporations, industry groups, SuperPACs and other deep-pocketed contributors write big checks to candidates and elected officials. These powerful people and institutions expect something in return—privileged access and influence—and they get it! This is not “one person, one vote” It is not “government of, by, and for the people.”
The back of the flier features a list of what we need to do if we want a functioning democracy, and what could change about our corporate-dominated politics if we curtailed big donations and the invalid constitutional interpretations that enable them.

Click here to download the full page version, and here for the half page version. And check out other resources for demonstrations, tabling, and street theater at our Tools for Organizing page.

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