Friday, November 9, 2012

Ellen Brown on "Populist Dialogues"

Ellen Hodgson Brown,
author of The Web of Debt
Ellen Hodgson Brown, founder of the Public Banking Institute and author of The Web of Debt, visited Portland, OR recently, and was a guest on the Portland chapter's "Populist Dialogues" show. The program is now online on the show's YouTube channel here.

In her talk with host David Delk, Ellen discusses the advantages of public banking in the United States and around the world. She reviews how money is created, how the Federal Reserve was created, various types of public banks and how they're structured, why some nations have escaped the Great Recession, how America could save its postal service, and how public banking institutions could be used as a land bank to address the under-water property and foreclosure problems.

While in Portland, Ellen did a presentation at the 1st Unitarian Church, attended by close to 100 people, despite short notice and Amy Goodman speaking elsewhere in town on the same night. That presentation was recorded by Portland AfD ally Jim Lockhart, and it is also available online here.

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