Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Safe Water Alliance sends letter in support of AB 635 to Governor Brown

Alliance for Democracy, through our Defending Water for Life campaign, has been working with California's Safe Water Alliance to pass the Human Right to Water Act, AB 635. Most recently, western campaign coordinator Nancy Price signed on to a letter to Governor Jerry Brown, asking him to sign the bill, which has now cleared the state legislature, into law.

From the letter:

The need for a statewide policy is illustrated by the 11.5 million people in California currently relying on water suppliers who faced at least one violation of state drinking water standards in 2007, the 8.5 million people in California who relied in one recent year on water supplies that experienced more than five violations of state drinking water standards, and the recent University of California, Davis report that found that 1 million people in California have been exposed to nitrate-contaminated groundwater. The fact that some of the communities in the latter category have struggled for years to address the contamination is a resounding indictment of the status quo.
Advocates hope to meet with Brown this week to deliver petitions in support of passage.

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