Monday, March 5, 2012

Video: Community Forum on the Trans Pacific FTA

A recent community forum on the proposed Trans Pacific Free Trade Agreement explored the local impacts of past free trade agreements as well as what might be coming for workers and communities here and across the Pacific if this new FTA is passed.

Elizabeth Swager of Oregon Oregon Fair Trade Campaign opened the forum, focusing on working conditions overseas, the "race to the bottom" and the probable impact of the Trans-Pacific FTA on health care and jobs. She was followed by Greg Pallesen, Vice President of AWPPW Local 5 on trade related job loss; Kim Marks, a grassroots organizer with the Rising Tide North America Collective and former board member of the Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment and BARK, who spoke on the impact of trade on labor and the environment, and Ted Gleichman, active within the Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club, on trade and climate change.

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