Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The return of clean elections?

A few days ago, NPR's On Point focused on campaign finance with guest Lawrence Lessig, who made a good point: overturning Citizens United does not ensure that politicians will operate free from the influence of the very small slice of the population who contribute mightily to political parties and to election and re-election campaigns. If the first step is to amend the Constitution to end corporate access to personhood rights and to allow the re-regulation of campaign finance, the second has to be setting up some kind of public financing program so that the decent candidates don't have to court the overprivileged to get into office, and to prevent the indecent candidates from using elected office as a "farm team for K Street."

You can hear the show online, and watch his slideshow here.

Then you can add your name to Jack Lohman's petition entitled Congress: Pass public funding of campaigns!!! Jack edits the newsletter

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