Thursday, October 13, 2011

Solidarity on the bridges!

Alliance for Democracy Downeast (ME) and Hancock County (ME) Towns in Transition co-sponsored two Occupy Wall Street solidarity rallies last weekend. Organizers write, "there was such an enthusiastic response to the two local democracy rallies last weekend that a group of us intend to do this every weekend. We had 50 attend the rally in Blue Hill and 52 in Ellsworth with very short notice. Our goal is to line both bridges and then extend into town. The weekly rallies are as follows:
  • Blue Hill on the bridge- Every Saturday 12-1 PM
  • Ellsworth on the bridge - Every Sunday 12-1 PM
"If you want to join us,  bring a sign and a smile and we’ll send a message to New York and DC that we are standing in solidarity with them. If you don't have a sign, come anyway. It's a fun way to connect with like minded individuals who believe we need to reclaim America.

"Tips for new sign makers and rally attenders: Make signs with big dark letters and not too many words--individuals are reading them while driving. Point the signs toward the drivers. Smile and wave to them."

Ellsworth and Blue Hill are just two of the 1,300 occupations that have formed across the US in the last three weeks. Some are actual encampments, some are regular solidarity rallies. If there's not one near you, hit the streets! Downloadable posters, fliers, etc. are here, suggestions for street theater here!

You can see some pictures from Blue Hill on our Facebook page. AfD'ers are involved with occupations in Portland, Davis, Wall Street, Washington and Boston as well.

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