Thursday, October 6, 2011

Demand clean, safe drinking water for all California communities! Call to support SB244 today!

Note new phone number! 

Californians, urgent action is needed on SB 244, one of the four bills in the Human Right to Water package.

These four bills, seeking clean drinking water for all, have passed both houses of the California legislature, but Governor Brown is being pressured to veto SB 244, the bill that will require municipalities and other water service districts to make plans to serve low-income communities that have been “redlined” out of water and sanitation services. Often these communities are islands within a municipality whose residents have safe drinking water.

We need your help to let Governor Brown know that SB 244 is important. Call the Governor today at 916-445-2842 916-445-2841.

Script:  "I am calling to ask Governor Brown to sign SB 244 into law."

 Don’t be discouraged by a busy signal. Dial again. You will have to push through the automated system to record your support for SB 244. Be patient and persistent--you may initially get a busy signal and there will be buttons to push and an operator to speak to!  But continue and complete the process, so that your voice will be heard and your request recorded.

Thanks in advance from AfD's Defending Water for Life campaign!

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