Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today's news and views

● James Bopp took the Citizens United case to the Supreme Court and found five justices willing to wipe away a century of campaign finance law. But according to Mother Jones, he's just getting started both taking down campaign finance law, and registering his own Super PAC.

The 8th Circuit court has upheld a Minnesota law requiring corporations to disclose when they spend money to support or defeat a candidate. The case to overturn the law was brought by groups objecting to the reporting requirements that revealed Target and Best Buy's support for Tom Emmer, a gubernatorial candidate opposed to same-sex marriage, and then led to protests and boycotts.

● It's getting harder to track campaign contributions in Pennsylvania because budget cuts have eliminated funding for getting submitted campaign finance reports online. Most candidates file paper reports; moves to require electronic filing are perennially shot down in the legislature.

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