Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's news and views

● While many Democrats have publicly denounced the Citizens United decision, they're still going to collect and spend new money made available by the ruling, says Emma Dumain, posting on Roll Call. Priorities USA and Priorities USA Action are two new Dem groups following Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS model.

● Public Citizen's informal survey of mostly Democratic congressional staffers found that thanks to the Citizens United decision, a significant number of them fear retaliation against their bosses if they should tick off a powerful lobbyist. Report and press release here.

The House Oversight Committee wont subpoena White House budget director Jack Lew but will instead hear testimony from another official tomorrow, when they wrangle with the notion of requiring federal contractors to disclose their political contributions once they top $5,000 in a year. More here. Opponents to the measure are making statements on what amount to the political ramifications of being paid off above, rather than below, the table.

A collection of a-ha moments by Cintra Wilson.

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