Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Portland AfD's "Populist Dialogues" looks at OREP, Hanford

"Populist Dialogues" most recent show features guest Judy Barnes of Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy (OREP) who explains how feed-in-tariffs have created big increases in production of renewable energy and in good paying jobs in Germany, Gainesville FL, and elsewhere. Judy answers frequently asked questions on this means of financing renewable solar energy which OREP is spearheading in Oregon. Read their brochure here.

The series' next show focuses on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, campaign finance, and Portland's radical history. Featured are Gerry Pollet of Heart of America NW speaking on Hanford, the most contaminated nuclear site in the country and the focus of needed environmental clear-up due to long-term contamination of the surrounding area and eco-systems; Steve Cowan, director of PriceLess,the Movie on the problem of money and lobbyists in our political system and the role of public election financing; and Michael Munk, author of Portland Red Guide, a history of people and places in Portland's radical history.

No cable? Not in Portland? Watch the show from the AfD-Portland website. Or get "Populist Dialogues" on your local cable access station—contact David Delk for further information.

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