Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OREP offers Energy Future House Parties

If you're an Oregon resident and concerned about energy, OREP (Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy) can teach you and your neighbors about the role feed-in tariffs play in promoting sustainability and climate protection.

Feed-in tariffs are guaranteed payments per kilowatt hour for electricity produced by a renewable resource. In Oregon's case, it's home-based solar power. Feed-in tariffs have become the world's most widely used mechanism to inexpensively and quickly promote renewable energy generation capacity. They also "democratize the grid" by enabling small-scale production by homeowners, farmers, coops and First Nations to participate on an equal footing with large commercial developers.

Contact Judi at judy@oregonrenewables.com to find out about hosting an "Energy Future House Party," and learn more about how OREP has helped institute and improve Oregon's feed-in tariff program. A speaker from OREP will give a presentation and answer questions about costs and benefits, including their substantial job creation potential.

In April, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber announced his intention to start development of a ten-year energy plan for the state. OREP hopes to play an active role in that process through the promotion of a robust feed-in tariff program, and encourage wide public involvement as well.

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