Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tax Day for us, Tax Holiday for them... unless we say no way!

Another tax season closes and the media is once again full of stories about how major corporations and the few who profit the most from them are ducking their obligation to pay their fair share of taxes.

Between tax shelters and loopholes, creative accounting and squadrons of lawyers, the most wealthy and the corporate elite have made sure that the costs of sustaining "the richest nation in the world" will fall most heavily on the majority--middle and working class Americans, the working poor, and the unemployed.

And to keep us from going broke, despite all that wealth out there, its the poor, elders, the sick, and youth who'll give up the most in cuts to social programs, health care, support for students, and job creation programs.

It’s time for us to raise our voices and our signs. When we pay, and the corporations don’t, it shows how the elite 1% are steering economic and tax policy in a way that benefits private fortunes at the expense of our common wealth. How? By using personhood "rights" to corrupt our candidates and office-holders with big-money donations.

This tax day, have your say. Join an action--there are more than 80 nationwide--starting Friday, April 15 and continuing through the federal tax deadline on Monday April 18. Join with our allies in the Coffee Party in saying that "trickle-down" economics has got to stop. Join with US Uncut in calling for an end to cutbacks until the rich and "corporate persons" pay their fair share.

If you're participating in tax-day protests or actions, or you just want to help spread the word, print out some of these signs. The original pdfs can be copied on ledger size paper or reduced by 61% for letter size home printers.

And check out these organizing materials, for more on the link between corporate personhood, political bribery and a dysfunctional and non-representative government.

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