Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Populist Dialogues" are available to air on your local community access cable station

"Being the media" is extremely important. Whether TV, print or radio, we don't get coverage in the major corporate media, so we need to do it ourselves. We need to present the analysis and the framing of the issues of the day so that people can understand issues from a populist, anti-corporate progressive perspective. That is why we created the Alliance for Democracy - Populist Dialogues. Now we need to share them with the rest of the nation and that is where you come in. You can "be the media" by helping to put our programing on your local public access TV station. It's easy!

Populist Dialogues – media for the populist future!

Bring it to your community. All Populist Dialogues episodes are available for any public access station nationwide to broadcast. And it is easy both for you and for them to do it.

What you need to do:
First, go to the Portland AfD Chapter website at and view the list of programs. You can view all the programs recorded to date. New shows will added at the rate of one a week.

Now, contact your local public access TV station and find out, by speaking with the programming manager how they schedule shows. Most stations have open time spots which they need to fill and will be interested to know that this is available. Learn from them if they are interested in just one or another episode, or topic, or maybe running Populist Dialogue Program with one show each week. How this works will be different for each station.

You can direct them to our web page so they can take a look. Direct them to the show you like for viewing and let them know there is a need for this type of programing to be on the air. Let them know that it is easy to use PegMedia to download the shows for broadcast and it does not cost them a penny.

Many stations have never heard of PegMedia. Let them know that this is a way for them to download content for their station at minimal or no cost to them and that you and others in the community are interested in watching "Alliance for Democracy – Populist Dialogues."

What they need to do:
1. Go to the PegMedia web site at
2. Establish a free account by clicking on: Create New Account
3. After establishing the new account, log in.
4. Now click on: Shows From Selected States
5. Select "Oregon"
6. Click on: Alliance for Democracy – Populist Dialogues
7. Now read the brief description of the series and scroll down to view list of currently available shows.

The station or program manager will find instructions on how to download the shows on the right hand link: Downloading Show Episodes.

Note that there is no cost to the downloader as we, the Portland Chapter of the Alliance for Democracy, pays the cost.

What do we have so far? See the Populist Dialogues page for the short list and more details!

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