Thursday, March 3, 2011

"The Story of Citizens United"

The Story of Stuff people and Free Range Studios have collaborated on a new video, "The Story of Citizens United."

Enjoy and share--the video offers a good, quick explanation of how corporations got to be such an influence on government and policy even before the Citizens United decision. It also briefly mentioned public funding for elections--a big part of the fix for the problems that spring from institutionalizing big-money politics.

As far as amendments go, there's debate on whether the better approach is to go after all corporate usurpation of constitutional personhood rights or just First Amendment ones. The organizations that Story of Stuff links to on this YouTube video limit themselves to the first amendment. Story of Stuff's website also gives a nod to the Move to Amend coalition, which proposes ending corporate access to all constitutional rights, not just those granted by the First Amendment. Alliance for Democracy is a member of the Move to Amend coalition and recommends the broader approach--check out the fliers on this page to find out why.

There are state and local resolutions in the works supporting both approaches--maybe one where you live. Given that this movement is just beginning and has a long way to go, this is a good video to share regardless of your views on how broad an anti-corporate personhood amendment we need to win.

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