Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OREP Policy Digest online!

Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy (OREP) has launched an online newsletter, OREP Policy Digest. OREP promotes feed-in tariff policies in order to expand local production of renewable energy. Feed-in tariffs are in use in more than 60 countries, and are responsible for 75% of the world’s solar energy and 45% of its wind.

The first issue focuses on global, national and state developments including use of feed-in tariffs in Italy and the UK, an ambitious program in Ontario that will create 70,000 jobs and cost taxpayers the equivalent of "a donut a month," a "how-to" on Oregon's program, and frequently asked questions.

You can learn more about OREP, and subscribe to the newsletter, at their website. You can also donate to OREP to support the growth of renewable energy in Oregon through Alliance for Democracy here.

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