Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two events in Boston!

The Boston/Cambridge and North Bridge chapters are co-sponsoring the following events on militarism, climate, and human rights:

Friday, 2/11: "No War, No Warming!"
Barry Sanders, author of The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism, examines the environmental impact of US military practices and declares military activity, from fuel emissions to radioactive waste to defoliation campaigns, as the single greatest contributor to the worldwide environmental crisis. Dr. Maggie Zhou, Biologist, member of Massachusetts Coalition of Healthy Communities and Climate SOS, will discuss the climate justice perspective, international climate conferences in Cancun/Copenhagen/Cochabamba, and the race to militarism vs. peace.

The talk takes place Friday, February 11 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Boston University's Photonics Building, 8 St. Mary's Street. Download a flier here. Map & directions here. Suggested donation, $5.

Co-Sponsors: Boston UNAC, United for Justice with Peace, Alliance for Democracy - Boston/Cambridge & North Bridge chapters, Peace & Justice Task Force of Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety, Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, Massachusetts Global Action, Boston University Antiwar Coalition

Say 'No' to the Anti-immigrant "Secure Communities" Program! A Call for United Action

On Saturday, February 12th from 1 to 3 p.m., people from across Massachusetts will come together at the State House to fight against the State's intention to join the anti-immigrant and racist “Secure Communities” program. 

Under the guise of public safety, “S-Comm” endangers the civil rights and security of all and is particularly an attack on immigrants and people of color. The federal program mandates local law enforcement to cross check the fingerprints of those arrested against the Homeland Security's database in search of immigration status. While supposedly targeting violent offenders, the vast majority of those detained and deported are considered “non-criminals”. This would include those who have been unlawfully arrested, those arrested for minor offenses like traffic violations and those who ultimately have their charges dropped.

In Suffolk County, the only jurisdiction in the state currently enrolled, 68% of those detained and deported have been “non-criminals”, the sixth highest percentage in the country. 

The "S-Comm" program is part of an overall effort to target immigrants and maintain a permanent second-class status for millions of workers.

Initiated by the Boston May Day Committee (BMDC - participants: Mass. Global Action, July 26 Coalition, Tecschange, Latinos for Social Change, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, ANSWER Coalition) 

Endorsers (as of 2/4/11): Boston/Cambridge and North Bridge Alliance for Democracy, Circulo Bolivariano Marthin Luther King, Community Church of Boston, Dominican Development Center, Harvard No Layoffs Campaign, Industrial Workers of the World, International Action Center, National Lawyers Guild - Boston, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Project Voice AFSC, Proyecto Hondureno, Stop the Wars Coalition, Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM) 

For more information, contact the Boston May Day Committee or call 617-290-5614. Sign the on-line petitions demanding that the U.S. sign the UN Convention on Migrant Workers Rights at the Boston May Day Committee website.

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