Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Populist Dialogues" on PEGMedia

Looking for good progressive programming for your local community access station? AfD's Portland chapter has put its show, "Populist Dialogues" on PEGMedia, a service available to all public access cable television stations which allows them to download and play video programs.

Let your local public access television station know that the shows are available. Programmers can watch and download the programs for broadcast. It's a great way to spread the progressive populist word, and thanks to Portland AfD, it's free.

Here is how it works: Go to PEGMedia.org. Click on "Quick List of All Shows" and select "Alliance for Democracy - Populist Dialogues." If you scroll down, you will see a list of the shows available at this time--bookmark the site and check back because there will be more shows posted next week.

Click on one of the shows and you will get a bit more detail on the show content. If you have registered with PEGMedia (anyone can register for free), you can log-in and then watch the first 10 minutes of any episode. Enjoy, be inspired, and pass the show onto your local community access cable station. Thanks for spreading the word about progressive populist alternatives to corporate rule!

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