Friday, December 10, 2010

The only way to fight organized money is with organized people!

Here's an alert from Move to Amend...

The one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision to allow unfettered spending by corporations in our elections is little more than a month away, January 21, 2011. To mark this date, concerned citizens, like you, will take a stand in their communities from coast to coast and oppose corporate personhood and growing corporate power. Move to Amend and our allies will be leading the charge!

Citizens are uniting against the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision! Flesh and blood Americans will take to the streets to demonstrate our support for the rights of human beings and against “corporate constitutional rights.”

Will you join us? Click here to learn about ways you can help take a stand. From rallies and street theater to coalition building and education, there are ways for everyone to take action to oppose how the Court has expanded corporate “rights.”

Click here to get started and please forward a link to this post to your friends and family members who are concerned about rising corporate influence. Ask them to join this grassroots movement to amend the Constitution by signing the Motion to Amend, and ask them to join you for an urgent planning meeting to help mark the anniversary of the Court’s terrible decision.

Polls show that 80% of Americans oppose the decision, and it is critical to our democracy that we stand up and be counted on January 21. The time to start planning is now—can we count on you to help us? Please also share what activities you are planning to do in your hometown, state capital, or in the nation’s capital by sharing them.

Click here to check out Move to Amend’s planning guide and to take the next steps on the path to saving our democracy.

In solidarity,

Your friends at Move to Amend

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