Thursday, November 18, 2010

Take action today to support the DISCLOSE Act

We urge you to take immediate action in support of the DISCLOSE ACT, which will force sunlight on the dark recesses of corporate spending on elections. DISCLOSE stands for Democracy Is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections.

The DISCLOSE Act would require all organizations making political expenditures to name their donors. This would allow voters to know the corporations and individuals hiding behind front groups with feel-good names. Deep pockets--like Big Pharma, Big Oil and Coal, and Big Finance and Wall Street to name a few--should not be allowed to hide their funding of misleading and inaccurate election ads.

Introduced in the Senate and House on April 29, the DISCLOSE Act will help address the fallout from the Supreme Court’s activist and illegitimate decision in Citizens United v FEC. Citizens United opened the floodgates of corporate spending as being protected by the 1st Amendment free speech provision. Democrats and the White House hoped it would be passed to take effect before the mid-terms elections.

The clock is ticking...
The clock is ticking to get this done during the “lame duck” session of Congress which ends before Christmas. We expect the new Congress will be much less sympathetic to shining sunlight on the power of money and corporations.

Fortunately the bill has already passed the House. Now action in the Senate is critical. We can’t let the Republicans keep blocking the bill!

Please contact Senate Majority Leader Reid and your Senators today and tell them you want action on this bill before Congress adjourns.

Contact them via the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or by using this Congressional Directory

Necessary but not sufficient
This is only a first and necessary step. However, the larger questions about the role of corporations in our democracy cannot be resolved until we address the question of corporate personhood. Activist Supreme Courts, including our current Roberts court, have given our human rights to corporations that we create by state charter. We cannot let this stand. We must amend the constitution to place corporations in their rightful place as our servants, not our masters.

Only humans should have human rights
To do this, Alliance for Democracy is part of the steering committee of MOVE TO AMEND – that is, move to amend the US Constitution so that only human beings (you know, the people with belly buttons and a conscience) have human rights.

Make the call, sign the petition
Please call Senate Majority Leader Reid and your Senators NOW to support the DISCLOSE Act. Then go to the Move to Amend website and sign the petition and learn what else you can do to amend the constitution.

Thanks for taking action to protect our democracy!

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