Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You ought to know... The Personhood Song!

As sung by Raging Grannies and others to the tune of "This Land is Your Land"

I am a person, you are a person,
With flesh and blood and with mind and conscience.
The corporation is not a person.
That word belongs to you and me.

They rape and plunder the world's resources,
Destroying forests and killing wildlife.
The corporation must turn a profit,
Trampling over you and me.

They dump big money into elections,
Buying our Congress and Legislatures.
The corporation, a legal fiction,
Now has more rights than you and me.

The 1st Amendment protects our freedom
Of free expression and of religion.
The corporations have gone and stole it.
Those rights belong to you and me.

The 4th Amendment requires warrants
For search and seizure; but corporations
Evading health codes and regulations
And environmental laws.

Whenever Walmart destroys a Main Street
And all the people rise us in protest,
The corporate cries of "Discrimination!"
Over-ride democracy.

If "We the People" are truly sovereign
And rule the country through our elections,
Then we must take back from corporations
Rights that were meant for you and me.

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