Thursday, October 28, 2010

Statements from October 20: Bill McKibben

Climate activist and author Bill McKibben sent this congratulatory statement to mark the Monahan brothers arrival in DC. McKibben was arrested with Granny D and the other 32 members of the 4th AfD John Muir Democracy Brigade of April 21, 2000. The Brigade members entered The Rotunda of the Capitol and read statements calling for an end to endangerment of the earth by the oil, coal and nuclear industries.

The Monahan Brothers are walking in giant footsteps! Good for them for carrying on the work of my old friend Granny D—this witness has never been more necessary, as we face an election awash in corporate cash, and a country literally being sold down the river. Across America people are repulsed by this spectacle, but we need leaders to remind us what united citizens (as opposed to Citizens United) really looks like!

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