Monday, October 11, 2010

Save the Date! Join Laird and Robin Monahan in DC on October 20

Wednesday, October 20--that's the day that the brothers will finish a seven-month walk across country protesting the Citizens United decision and calling for a constitutional amendment abolishing corporate personhood.

It has been a tremendous effort and achievement--and if you haven't been following their blog,, you should go there and check out the pictures and the posts (you can also make a donation to support the walk, which would be very appreciated!) While major media has generally ignored the march, Laird and Robin made lots of good connections with local television, alternative and local newspapers, and radio, and you can read some of the media coverage on their site as well.

Now, 3000 miles later, they're on the verge of reaching their goal, Washington DC, and we are extending an invitation to all Alliance members and supporters to join supporters of Move to Amend and its allied organizations in Washington for rallies and a reception--the day's events are as follows:

10:00am: Meet at west end of Arlington Memorial Bridge to welcome Laird and Robin and proceed to the Lincoln Memorial

12:00 noon to 1:30 pm: Rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Speakers include Laird Monahan, David Cobb, Bill Moyer (Backbone Campaign); others to be announced.

1:30 pm: Leave Lincoln Memorial and walk to the U.S. Capitol Building for a second rally at 3:00 pm.

6:00 to 8:00 pm: Celebration and reception at Busboys & Poets at 5th and K

Get visible! The Backbone Campaign will have its giant Preamble, which we'll be setting up in front of the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol. The more people around it, the louder the call for a constitutional amendment defining "person" as "human being"--not "aggregation of shareholders into some inhuman entity that exists only to maximize profits at any cost."

Keep an eye on the Move to Amend and Alliance website, as well as this blog, for updates on speakers, etc.

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