Wednesday, September 1, 2010

California: Alerts on Water and Health Care

Thanks to all the Californians who took action on Monday's alert and called Assembly speaker John Perez’s office to urge him to bring SB 801, the California Universal Healthcare Act, to the floor for a vote. Sadly, the bill never made it to the Assembly, and is dead for the year. The bill's sponsor is California state senator Mark Leno--Leno's office couldn't say if the bill would be reintroduced.

Today, though, we're asking people to please contact Governor Schwartzenegger and tell him to sign AB 301, a bill which would require bottled water companies to make public how much water they’re removing from the state’s aquifers. This bill passed last year, and was vetoed. Will the Governator, who’s term of office is up in November, side with the people of California and not the bottled water industry? Maybe, but only if the people call! Email through the official site here, or pick up the phone at 916-445-2841 (fax a letter to 916-558-3160). Thank you.

You can follow action by the Alliance and its many water allies in California at

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