Friday, August 20, 2010

Background from Backbone on the Target action

From Bill Moyer at the Backbone Campaign... Backbone and Seattle area AfD members have collaborated on pro-democracy events in the area.

Backbone Campaign has been working to abolish corporate personhood since its inception in 2004. After January's U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, we turned up the heat with an Action-in-a-Box toolkit, freeway bannering, do-it-yourself Corporate Person costume, a webcast with David Cobb, and most recently, Derrick the Corporate Person puppet for Big Oil.

As the finale of our amazing week of Localize This! Artful Activism camp, last Sunday Backbone worked in collaboration with Agit-Pop to execute a model flash-mob, non-arrestable, high-visibility action with great video production that has since gone viral, likely to reach half a million views by the time you read this email. provided the funding to pay for this production and has since begun sending it to their members.

IMHO - I think we should boycott Congressional elections in districts where members have not signed on to a bill to Amend the Constitutional to ABOLISH "Corporate Personhood." Corporate personhood is the "gateway" to the gateway issue of public financing of campaigns, otherwise known as Clean Elections or Voter-Owned Elections.

Thanks to all the trainers, dancers, musicians, videographers, and especially Agit-Pop for giving us this excellent way to end Localize This!

In Gratitude and Collaboration,

Bill Moyer
Executive Director, Backbone Campaign
PO BOX 278, Vashon, WA

Have you quit shopping Target and Best-Buy? More importantly, have you told the CEO and your neighbors why? If you need a quick link to express your opinion, check out this cool website from the New York Public Advocate's office, with the corporate political donation policies and contact info of the 100 biggest corporations in the US.

Here's the video--you've probably already seen it but it's too good to not post:

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