Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Californians! Call today to tell state legislators to repeal the water bond!

Californians, we're asking you to take a few minutes and call your state legislators to tell them to scrap Proposition 18, a wasteful plan that would drain $800 million a year from funding for state services while giving corporate interests even more control of California's water. With that money, California could hire back 12,000 teachers laid off this year.

And that's just the beginning. Over 30 years, this bond will cost $22 billion. For more information, and the new "Spit Out Prop 18" video, go to

A vote is coming up fast--perhaps as early as mid August--on whether to postpone Prop 18 to 2012. But there's no reason to postpone a bad idea! California needs to scrap Proposition 18, and work on programs that keep water clean and accessible for both the state's environment and the state's people. Let's get the corporate interests--and Proposition 18--off the table.

Blue ribbon action!
A short call to your legislators will help a lot! The message is short and sweet--just identify yourself and where you're calling from, and tell your senator or Assembly member to vote to repeal the bond, not just postpone it to 2012.

Second place!
No time to call? Send an email here!

Thanks for speaking out! Tell fellow Californians to do the same!

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