Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Black Agenda Report: What if BP was a human being?

Bruce A. Dixon writes: What if BP, the principal corporate entity responsible for the monstrous oil well rupture a mile beneath Gulf of Mexico were a human being, a flesh and blood person instead of a faceless transnational corporation? It's a fair and simple question, and the answers tell us a lot more about the world we live in.

Rather than re-posting a truly terrific piece by Black Agenda Report managing editor Bruce A. Dixon, we're linking to it on Bruce's blog on the BAR website. This is to send you over to BAR so you can also listen to Glen Ford's podcast on the either or--constitutional amendment or corporate dictatorship. While you are there take note of their great modification to the "Move to Amend" logo link.

To inspire you to click, here's an excerpt from Bruce's commentary:
When it suits their purposes, employees and mouthpieces of various transnational firms hasten to assure us that “corporations are people, too.” In a sense this is certainly true. Despite what some bible thumping fundamentalists will tell you, corporations were not ordained by the Almighty. Corporations are legal fictions. They are artificial shields under which we agree to allow a handful of extremely wealthy people to rule over the rest us, and plunder the planet and its people at will, just as centuries ago most of the humans who mattered agreed that kings, queens and nobly born, the “people of quality” had the god given right to ride roughshod over humanity.

Ultimately, people woke up, rose up, and revoked those privileges. How long will it be before we revoke the lawless privileges of corporations, before we limit their immunity, curtail their immortality, and rein in their immorality?

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