Tuesday, April 20, 2010

North Bridge members help speak out for democracy at Concord's Patriots Day festivities

by Barbara Clancy, AfD office and North Bridge Alliance for Democracy
After our very well-attended public meeting on Citizens United, corporate personhood, and the need for an amendment to protect the rights of people from being misappropriated on behalf of corporations, we followed up with a poster-making party and a stand-out at Concord's Patriot's Day parade. North Bridge AfD members joined representatives from the Concord-Carlisle League of Women Voters, and members of climate groups from Concord and Carlisle.

Feedback from the crowd was mostly positive, with some others curious about what the signs meant, but then supportive once they heard about the Citizens United decision and what's being done to counter it.

Some of the demonstrators standing out along the parade route:

North Bridge Alliance member Mary White talks to Concord League of Women Voters members after the march:

We're going to be hosting another speakers event with Mary Zepernick of POCLAD and State Senator Jamie Eldridge on May 19 in Concord. Jamie, who was elected to the Senate as a "clean elections" candidate during Masschusetts's brief era of public funded elections, has said he is interested in filing a resolution in favor of a constitutional amendment barring corporate free speech rights.

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