Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Story of Bottled Water

"The Story of Bottled Water" is being released on March 22, World Water Day. In just seven minutes the video tells the history of how corporations built a PR campaign to discredit public drinking water and the once-common water fountain in favor of individual consumers purchasing individual servings of water in plastic bottles.

Watch the trailer here and then be sure to check out the video on March 22. And e-mail all your friends to watch too! If everyone checks it out, the video could be one of the top hits on Google videos and go viral around the country.

The Alliance for Democracy is a partner in its release along with Corporate Accountability Internationa1, Environmental Working Group, Food and Water Watch, Pacific Institute and Polaris Institute.

"The Story of Bottled Water" is produced by Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios who produced "The Story of Stuff" viewed by millions around the world and being used in classrooms to teach how the corporate-driven economy depends on the consumption of goods.

To find out more about the Alliance's Defending Water for Life campaigns, see our local campaign sites for Maine, Oregon, and California.

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