Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After health care reform passage, some things to keep in mind

First, Jane Hamsher lists the bad news about the health care reform law.

And Physicians for a National Health Plan notes that "there is growing awareness that the bill won't work, and, sooner rather than later, we need single-payer national health insurance. As noted by Harvard economist Dr. William Hsiao, the architect of Taiwan's successful health reform, 'You can have universal coverage and good quality health care while still managing to control costs. But you have to have a single-payer system to do it.'"

PNHP asks their supporters to keep talking to the press, publishing opinion pieces, and invite PNHP speakers to your community. You can read their press release on the reconciliation bill's passage as a start to your own letter to the editor on the ongoing fight for single payer.

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