Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two quick clicks and a call...

Follow the links and support single payer and the global rights and welfare of women (and the people who depend on them!)

First, in advance of Thursday's health care summit, please sign an online fax/petition in support of single payer health care here, and put a note on the calendar to call Congress on the 25th.

Petition organizers are hoping to get 100,000 signatures from the public, standing up for an "everybody in, nobody out" health care system, rather than the White House's repackaging of the weak Senate reform bill.

By now, we know the arguments for single payer, and the statistics attesting to the terrible insufficiencies of both our present health care system and of the proposed fixes. There's not much more to say, so the petition says it as simply as possible:

Why Are You Still Refusing To Even Consider Single Payer Health Care?!
Any health care "reform" bill that does not provide a Single Payer option is NO real reform at all.

That's it. Short and sweet.

There's no better time to weigh in than now. Sign the petition online here. You'll have the opportunity to personalize your message, submit it to the comments page at whitehouse.gov, and send it to a local newspaper as a letter to the editor as well.

Then, on Thursday, February 25, join in a national call in day to Congress on behalf of single payer health care, organized by the Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care in association with Healthcare-Now!'s "sidewalk summit" in Washington, DC. As Progressive Democrats of America points out, reports of the continuing malfeasance on Wall Street should make Congress rethink putting our nation's health care system in the hands of publicly-traded health care corporations.

Support a United Nations 5th World Conference on Women

Join with author and activist Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen in her drive to get 10,000 signatures to take to the UN in March in support of a 5th World Conference on the Status of Women. This global gathering of women may prove to be what Jean calls the "tipping point" of humanity in the direction of creating greater well-being for all peoples everywhere.

Join with more than 6,500 in signing the petition here.

Thank you!

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