Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maine dems to consider resolution against corporate personhood

Maine Democrats may have the opportunity to support a resolution calling for a constitutional amendment barring personhood rights for corporations. AfD vice co-chair and Hancock County Democratic Committee member Bonnie Preston is submitting the resolution, which is based on the model on the Campaign to Legalize Democracy/MovetoAmend.org site. It will first go before the county democratic organization, which Bonnie describes as a progressive and active group. She says that passage of of the resolution at the state convention level may be an uphill fight, but that she'll be a delegate to the convention in May and will work the floor in its support.

If you're looking for positive actions to take against corporate personhood at the local or state level, consider drafting a similar resolution and submitting it to your city council, town meeting, union, or party committee--sample resolution text is here.

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